ISV is highly experienced in top of the line NIJ level opaque and transparent armor with multiple commercial armored vehicles and donated retired armed forces models. ISV specializes in every step of a
complete one-stop-shop armor solution and vehicle development.


Tate Pacek
Phone: 724-524-4144

David Gladowski
Phone: 724-524-4103

Robert Ficca
Phone: 724-524-4181

Opaque Armor
  • Ballistic Door Panels (BDP’s) for standard commercial vehicles.
  • A pillar and B pillar steel plating protection for small to large commercial vehicles.
  • Custom firewalls, blast floor pans, rear seat plating, and roof plating for high NIJ level protection for most situations.
Transparent Armor
  • Ballistic transparent armor designed to NIJ Level III specs for withstanding up to AK-47 and 7.62 rounds.
  • Custom armored mounting solutions for front and rea windshields to optimize viewing area while maximizing protection.
  • Driver, passenger, and viewport NIJ Level III panels for complete wraparound protection.
Exterior & Interior Lighting
  • Emergency, flood, dome, and situational lighting from top manufacturer’s custom mounted to suite.
  • High quality breadboards, repeatable wire harnesses, and professionally installed electrical interfaces.
Electronics Integration
  • 120V system integration for internal and external lighting, communication systems, charging points, and commercial equipment integration with custom mounting.
  • Custom interior carpeting, seating, netting, roofing, and detailed custom designing and upholstery by experienced professionals.
  • External wraps and expandable roofing options engineered to suite for efficient use.
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Exterior Protection Bumper
  • Custom rear and front protection bumpers designed and built for added impact protection to suite the armored vehicle model.
Exterior Accessories
  • Custom grab rails and ladders designed for quick access and assault vehicle style riding.
  • Secondary custom steps for improved access.
  • Custom mount and attachment fabrication for cameras, antennas and other electronic features.